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Jowy Atreides (Suikoden II)

Jowy Atreides (Suikoden II)
This is where our journey began. You and I walked along the same path for so long together, but this is where they began to diverge. But, I have no regrets. But if I did, it would be that I had to betray the City-State and assassinate Lady Anabelle…you and I were a lot alike…we were both aiming for the same thing..

Flik (Suikoden 2)

Do what you want...... Time... it changes people's hearts. It'll change yours too. You'll understand someday.

~ Flik to Nina

Bloomingdale (Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies)

Storm clouds may block the sun, and the night can fall so hard it hides the moon and stars, but the Blooming Beacon never dims.
Its light will never die as long as there is hope in the world. And no matter how dark things become, we have to keep on hoping. 
Look hard enough, and you'll always find the light. Words to live your life by, if you ask me.

- old man at the light house of Bloomingdale

Luca Blight (Suikoden 2)

Let me tell you something. There are weak men and strong men in this world. The strong men take everything and the weak men die. That's how the world was designed. Now I will show you how it works, weaklings!!!

Shu (Suikoden 2)

Rulers change, borders change, countries change, but money is a constant. In fact, nothing better for business than a good war.